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Marlin and Tuna Fishing

Nik and Bob have just arrived back from a marlin and tuna fishing trip… The Cabo Charter Classic Competition in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

What a well organised event it was, over 100 boats went out per day over the 4 day competition with prizes each day for the biggest, 2nd and 3rd biggest Marlin, Dorado, Tuna and Wahoo. There was $40,000 worth of prizes over the 4 days! $10,000 per day up for grabs! And it was free to enter !!!


Only Marlin over 400lb counted and they proved to be very allusive, only one fish being caught in Cabo over 400lb in the 4 days. Guess what, the guy who caught the fish had not registered for the competition so won nothing!!

marlin on the line

tuna and marlin fishing


marlin fishing


marlin fishing


The British contingent of anglers (about 14 of us made the trip) did really well. We had at least one prize per, day some days 3 prizes.

Bob had the second biggest tuna on day 2 at 66lb which netted him a cool $900.

bob with his tuna

Bobs winning tuna


Nik caught a Tuna of 130lb, unfortunately he caught it on day 5…. the day after the comp had ended! Had he on caught it any other day it would have won him about $3000…. that’s fishing!

tuna fishing

tuna and marlin fishing

We had over 50 marlin as a group in 5 days of fishing, not bad going. Cabo was a fantastic town with loads to do at night. We will be back next year!

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