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Kiwi Angler Kayak

The Kiwi angler kayak is an extremely stable and unique fishing kayak due to its double hull. You sit on top of the craft against a touring backrest to fish.

Kiwi Angler Kayak – What’s Included?

The kayak comes with an 8 ft. paddle and includes a paddle leash to prevent your paddle from drifting away if dropped. There are also straps for keeping your fishing gear nice and secure as you fish. Also included is a rear cargo area, deck loops, a cup holder and all of the storage hatches are fully waterproof.


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The craft has a 6 ft. hatch with bag. They are 11ft in length with a width of 35 inch and a depth of 13.5 inch. Draft is 3 inches. They weigh 65lbs unladen and have a maximum capacity of 400lbs.


They come in many colors including a camouflage option – ideal for the serious angler!
Additions to the basic unit include an electric trolling motor. You can purchase a fishing package which includes 2 6 inch hatches with fat bags, 2 paddle clips, 2 flush mount rod holders and a reinforced transom for attaching the trolling motor.


The kiwi kayak is so stable that you can stand up and cast from it (in calm waters of course!) It’s a great means for getting you into places that a regular boat cannot go.
This is a great kayak and should greatly enable you to catch that large fish you’ve been after!


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