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Anglers Kayak – A Guide

A warm welcome to the anglers kayak section of the web site. Kayak angling is growing in popularity which is most likely due to good quality kayaks being much more affordable these days.

How Much to Spend?

Before you rush out and buy the cheapest kayak on the market you need to give some thought to exactly where you are going to be fishing. If you’re mainly going to be fishing on inland waterways such as a canal then you can most likely get away with most kayaks out there on the market.


(Photo Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife)

However if you are considering sea fishing from you kayak then you probably don’t want to go for the cheapest one out there.

Anglers Kayak for the Sea

For sea kayaking (as a general rule of thumb) you should be looking at a kayak that is at least 12ft long. This should give you both more stability which is extremely important if the sea gets a little rough and it should also enable you to have more room for your equipment.

There is a downside to long kayaks, the length adds to the resistance against the water which in turn makes them harder to manoeuvre. For this reason you may want to consider purchasing one with a rudder, which will assist greatly.

Check For Sale Listings

Take a look on eBay before you purchase the latest and greatest, you might be able to get something close to the specification that you’re looking for without paying the price for the latest model.

Accessories and Safety

An anglers kayak should ideally have rod holders and other accessories for enabling you to have your gear immediately on hand.

Always ensure you have enough room in your budget for safety equipment. Personal floatation jackets or buoyancy aids are a must and so are paddle leashes. Paddle leashes secure a paddle in open water which prevents them from drifting away.

It is a good idea to get familiar with your kayak before your first angling trip. Leave the fishing gear behind and get used to the feel and the handling of your kayak.

Kiwi Angler Kayak

You might want to read about the Kiwi angler kayak which is an extremely stable and unique fishing kayak due to its double hull. You sit on top of the craft against a touring backrest to fish.

Dirigo Angler

Alternatively you can read about the dirigo angler kayak range. Great fishing kayaks that are ideal for getting you to those fishing spots that simply aren’t reachable in a fishing boat.


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