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Fish Species – How Many Have You Caught?

A warm welcome to the fish species section of the web site documenting many different species of fish available for us anglers to hopefully catch!

The Fish Species List

Following is a list of species of fish that you can click through to in order to get more details such as angling methods, reproduction, location and habitat and even how good they are to eat in some cases!

fish species

(Photo Credit: Robyn Jay)

Now for the list….

The Apache Trout

This is one of Arizonas two native trout and has therefore been granted the title of Arizona state fish. The apache trout is yellow and gold at the head with a dark olive back. Can be caught using flies, lures or natural baits.

Arctic Grayling

The arctic grayling is native to Siberia and North America as far south as Montana. The dorsal fin is oversized, dark-gray, blotched with pale spots, with cross-rows of deep blue spots and edged with red or orange.

Northern Pike

Said to originate from the Great Lakes the northern pike is a dusty olive green with rows of light oval spots. Usually fished using spinner, spoons, plugs or waterdogs. Live bait fishing can be unlawful in some areas.


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